Monday, September 6, 2010

Where will this take us?

My biggest fear for technology and our future is that we will be alive forever and forget to cherish the little things in life. Most people now forget to stop and smell the roses if you will and what will happen if we have all this technology to do everything for us. Will we make time to watch a sunset or will we just download some sort of video of it on our new and improved touch screen televisions and cell phones. Or will we ever leave our houses? I feel that humanity will lose the things that should be valued the most, like the beauty of watching a real sunset or sitting and talking to someone that is right there in the room with you instead of sending a text message. After taking a look at the Top Ten Inventions Needed list, I wonder if we will ever get to the point of being able to get from the United States to China in a matter of minutes. It would come and handy when you really needed to see that friend of yours at home when you are at school but what happens if you don't get put back together correctly? Number six on the list scares me the most - being young forever? I may be the only one but i want to know what it feels like to literally grow old with someone, why take that from humanity?

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