Monday, September 6, 2010

Rain, Sun, Sleet, or Snow?

We all have hopes and fears about what the future of science will bring to society in the near and distant future. Science changes society in many ways, whether those ways are beneficial or detrimental. Everyone has their concerns that science hasn’t fixed yet. This could be disease or famine etc. While trying to think of what to write this blog on I ran into an article from the Miami Herald titled Gathering storms: Earl, Fiona, Gaston heat up hurricane season. Although this article was irrelevant to me at first, I kept reading. The article explained how they were predicting anywhere between 14-20 hurricanes this season. That is a pretty scary thought when you think about what 1 single hurricane did to New Orleans. These storms can absolutely demolish whatever is in their path if they so wish. That is when it struck me, a excellent hope and goal for science would be to control weather. Deadly storms could be stopped, rain could be produced to avoid famine, and we could even make sure the weekend is bright and sunny. That is one of my major hopes for science. One fear I have, not connected but still relevant to my hopes, is that science will not have advanced enough by the time we need it. That could be the cure to a new plague or stopping a world ending storm.

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