Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fears of Technology

The article entitled Fears of Technology was a short article I found on the USA Today home page.  The article talks about the relationship between the fears people have about technology and how they are closely related to everyday fears.  For example the Internet is just as dangerous as lets say a bee sting.  No one likes to get stung by bees but if you agitate them they will sting you almost immediately.  Like bee stings the Internet can be just as dangerous, but if you don’t miss use the Internet very little harm can come your way.   The article wraps up with the conclusion that Internet if used properly is not a scary or dangerous place.  In my opinion the article couldn’t be more correct.  I no personally that if you use the Internet properly nothing bad can really happen.  I used the Internet at least 5 times a day for the past 8 years and I have not once had a problem.  The Internet shouldn’t be looked at as a dangerous place, but a place where all of the world’s information is just a click away.


  1. One of my fears about the internet is when people start to abuse the power of the internet. Identity theft is a very scary example of what can go wrong on the internet. People need to be very careful about what information they provide on the internet, because you never know who is trying to steal that information.

  2. I love the analogy of fears of technology being the same as a bee sting. I believe this works even beyond comparing it to the Internet. The further we advance in science and technology the more fears and dangers we are presented with. However, like bees so long as we morally use the advancement for communal benefit rather than personal gain the less likely we are to expose the dangers as reality and the less likely we are to get stung.

  3. Similar to what Kayla said, just because you use the internet properly doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. The main reason it is dangerous is because of what other people do on the internet not only to ignorant people who put themselves out there but also to people who are unsuspecting and undeserving. There are the people who put debit card information and stuff like that online which puts someone at substantial risk to become a victim but, the internet can even be used to hurt you when you aren’t on the internet. Spyware can be put on your computer and hack into your personal files. Sometimes bees will sting unprovoked just for being around them.