Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ashley Murphy: Sci Method

Scientific Method is a way to ask and answer a question by making an observation about something and then conducting an experiment.
-make an observation
-collect dataz
-construct a hypothesis
-experiment (dep/indep variables)
- analyze data and draw conclusions
- reflect on results

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZi8TXtRRYg) Thinking of scientific method reminded me of Bill Nye the Science Guy. This video demonstrates gravity.

I found the readings within Linden to support the validity of the method. What I got out of this reading is how we rely on our senses and find sight to be the strongest of them all. However, we can't always rely on merely what we see to prove science. Linden concludes a section with " In, sum, our sensory world is anything but pure and truthful" p 105. None of the theories that have been proved in science have been concluded and proved completely off of someone's gut instinct. It may have begun with it but i think it can only be true with experimentation and research.

What I got out of Carl Sagan's article was that we can not fully understand the universe and that the human mind couldn't ever fully grasp everything that there is to know about it. In one paragraph he said, "
Fortunately for us, we live in a universe that has at least important parts that are knowable. Our common-sense experience and our evolutionary history have prepared us to understand something of the workaday world. When we go into other realms, however, common sense and ordinary intuition turn out to be highly unreliable guides," which led me to think that he was supporting the value of scientific method and that intuition will not lead us to discovering all that is to know about the universe.

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