Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brave New Worlds of Science

I think science gives us tons of possibilities and really can let us progress as a civilization. Science gives us the hope to be disease free, to be energy independent (tidal power, solar power). Science also helps us explain the world we inhabit today. It tells us new psychological disorders, we learn more about x-rays being emitted from distant stars. We discover fossils and unearth the evolutionary map. This is some new science that really blows my mind.

There is a scientific revolution going on right now, that may be able to free us from pesky facial hair on our chins. Again, the possibilities are as boundless as our imagination can take it.

There are downsides to science. Unfortunately it can lead to deadly and dangerous things. The last thing we need to invent is a super deadly virus for "national security" or a new nuclear weapon that is so powerful we would actually blow up the moon too. Hasn't happened yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Pentagon has tried it.
A bad part of science that I hate to see is when people try to cover up science or undermine the discoveries. For instance when predominate creationists speak against the teaching of evolution in schools ( a scientific theory with legitimate rational evidence) it makes you wonder how much we value education vs how much we value indoctrination.

I think that science has its limits but we are nowhere near them and should not be afraid of potential answers we might find. Science is one of the greatest things humanity can do as a society, as well as a species. Let's not blow it.

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