Monday, September 6, 2010

Inventor Fears for Future

When looking into the future I think that technology has the possibility to bring great things to humanity but also has the power to end it. For almost everything we created it can be used in a negative way no matter what the original purposes for it were. An example of this is a dated article from BBC news titled Web Inventor Fears for Future. In this article the creator of one of the most important components of our modern lives discusses the fears he has for it in the future. I believe that with new technology comes the possibility for us to make progress unmatched in history within a short period of time ranging from high speed travel to medicine that could change the world. This is encouraging and is why we should continue the advancement of studies but we also must realize if we are going to explore these new possibilities we must be responsible while doing so.

Ghosh,By Pallab "BBC NEWS- Technology-Web Inventor Fears for Future"

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