Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Multiverse – Endless possibilities

As we all know, the universe seems vast and endless, full of stars and planets and whole other worlds to explore. But, what if there was another universe just beyond the point of our perception. The scientific theory of the multiverse is that our universe is connected to not just one universe, not hundreds, or millions, or quadrillions, but endless amounts of universes. Some of these other universes are much like our own, being exact duplicates or slightly different in some way. By slightly different, I mean anything that ranges from a world where you didn’t have eggs this morning to a universe where your twin brother is a millionaire and you’re from Korea. In other universes, the very laws of physics that governs how our world operates don’t exist or operate in an entirely different way. Imagine a world where water held enough oxygen that you could breathe in it. This idea of endless universes might be hard to grasp, but this is what puts it into perspective, at least for me. Based purely on the fact that there are endless amounts of universes out there, any universe that you can possibly imaging, a universe where you didn’t get out of bed this morning to an universe where purple dragons rule the corporate world, not only can exist, but DOES EXSIST! Some scientists actually believe that travel between these worlds might one day be possible. If we could travel the multiverse, travel to the world of tomorrow or the universe within the imagination, just think of the possibilities.

Below is a collection of movie clips from YouTube that make up a show on the History Channel entitled “The Universe - Parallel Universes”. It’s about 45 minutes long, but talks about some pretty interesting concepts about the existence of the multiverse.

multiverse Parallel Universes (parts 1 through 5). [Video]. (November 16, 2009). Retrieved:

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