Monday, September 6, 2010

science for evil?

Science in its modern form is one of the most powerful forces at our disposal. The knowledge that it unlocks can bring about great change. But as with most things of great power, it can be easily misused if not treated with equally great responsibility. Take for instance the mad scientist. There he sits; swirled away in his tall tower. He holds in his hands the plans for a large bomb. He's devoted all his time and finances to its completion. Rather than curing the common cold, he has been perfecting his dooms day device.
As whimsical as this example seems, it has its own little bit of merit. What drives a man of science away from his work with orphans and chimpanzees, and pushes him towards working on an missile? Why even start a career of science with working on missiles?
Personally, I believe it to be a quest for knowledge and government financing.

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