Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ten Dimensions . . . Again

Remember the “Imagining the 10th Dimension” movie in class? Be honest, who watched the whole thing because they had little better to do? Of those who watched it, which of you became lost in what he was saying? Don’t be ashamed, for you are not the only one. Determined to understand what Rob Bryanton, the man who made and narrated the movie, was saying, I did a little research, asking the opinion of a some other people and watching the movie a couple of times again. What I got out of that is the result below.

The 0th Dimension: is represented by a point – it has not width, height or depth.
The 1st Dimension: can be represented by a straight line - it has only width, no height (or vice versa).
The 2nd Dimension: has two intersecting lines to represent it – one for width and one for height.
The 3rd Dimension: has three intersecting lines, each needed to represent height, width, and depth. This one should be the most familiar one to you considering you live in it.
The 4th Dimension: is time and this dimension is represented by a single time line.
This is where things start to get tricky.
The 5th Dimension: is all branches of a single timeline. This is under the notion that every choice presented to you creates branches from you original timeline, each to represent the outcome of all decisions you could possibly make. An example would be one branch representing you going to school while the other represents if you stayed at home.
In the 6th Dimension: all the points in those time lines happen simultaneously from the origin point to the end point, bring the two end points of the timeline together to form a single dot.
This is where things start to get really big.
The 7th Dimension: is where all possible timelines are put together into one universal timeline.
The 8th Dimension: is similar to the 5th dimension, which consists of all the branches of a single timeline, but this is happening on a universal scale.
Now in the 9th Dimension: we have all the branches upon the universal time line happening simultaneously, bringing the origin point of the universal timeline together with the end point of the universal timeline forming a single point, much like in the 6th dimension.
With the 10th Dimension: all possible timelines of all possible universes happen simultaneously, bringing everything down into a single point!

Although knowing about something that is 7 dimensions away from our own perception might seem unimportant, it actually brings up ideas, theories and solutions to many different possibilities.
The fifth dimension is one way to explain the time travel paradox (if someone goes back in time and kills their grandfather). Understanding about the 10th dimension helps to explain the idea of the multiverse (the topic of my last blog post). In summary, within the 10th dimension all possibilities exist. This means that everything you could possibly imagine not only could exist, but does exist, has existed, and will exist all at the same time, and all these limitless possibilities can be contained in nothing more than a little dot. Seems impossible doesn’t it?

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A thank you to my smart friends, to whom I would be confused without.


  1. The concept of 10 dimensions really confuses me but watching the video again and reading your description of each dimension made it seem a little clearer.

  2. This concept worries and confuses me. The fact that anything I could have imagined is real, and has happened is scary. I think I'll stay in the 3rd dimension.

  3. I still don't really understand dimensions besides the first three. It seemed a little easier to understand when you broke it down but still this idea is complex and one day I hope they can have a better explanation for it!

  4. I think its interesting to think about our lives as a timeline and that there could be alternate timelines happening parrarel to ours. Sounds straight out of a Philip K. Dick story

  5. I read this a couple of times over and still had a hard time grasping the concept. I understand what is being said I just have a hard time accepting that anything and everything happens simultaneously.

  6. I'm kind of pissed that I'm not like starting first basemen for the Boston Red Sox. The timeline really screwed me over. Its a little ridiculous to think that the opposite decision to a choice I've made has it's own timeline playing out completely different.

  7. The idea of this time is very interesting. I find it fairly confusing though.. perhaps I'll watch the video again to understand better

  8. I agree with Jessica that the idea of the 10th dimension is quite scary. I do think it would be cool to travel between the 3rd and 4th dimensions as a form of time travel, but it is still an unnerving concept.

  9. Hope I live in the one dimension where I get super powers and take over the world.

  10. This is actually painful to think about