Sunday, September 5, 2010

Did You Know? "We are living in exponential times"

For this blog topic I decided to stumble and see what I could find. I came across an awesome video that puts our current world into a scary perspective. Aside from using a sick song, the video consists of statistics that indirectly tell us where technology is taking us. Probably the most shocking and scary fact that came from this video was at 4:04 when it said, "by 2013 a supercomputer will be built that exceeds the computational capabilities of the human brain." and, Predictions are that by 2049, a $1,000 computer will exceed the computational capabilities of the entire human species." The scariest part about this is that this information doesn't come from a book, its not categorized under science fiction or fantasy instead this is real world facts. The fact that computers are going to be smarter than humans, real soon, frightens me and makes me start to feel that Andy and Lana Wachowski weren't thinking along the lines of Science fiction when they made the Matrix trilogy. Who knows, maybe the next world war won't be humans against humans but rather human inteligence versus artificial.

Did You Know? "We Are Living in Exponential Times" Dir. Karl Fish., 9 Dec. 2008. Web. 5 Sept. 2010. .


  1. For the most part I agree that the technological advances are scary but the fact that we are living in such a connected diverse world excite me. Instead of the USA being the superpower countries are making leaps and bounds surpassing us in many stats. This in turn forces us to look at the world instead of just our nation because isolation is almost impossible at this point.

  2. First off, The Matrix is awesome. Secondly and far less important, I also think it's a freaky concept that something can store and connect that much information. That being said, unless a computer can become self aware, no matter how big or fast it gets, it's still just a tool.