Monday, September 6, 2010

Synthetic Life

Since many people in class categorized clean energy as a hope and a possibility of science. I thought Mr. Craig Venter and his research teams discovery would be appropriate. In May, Mr. Venter announced “the first synthetic cell” at a Newseum press conference. In 2008, “the team chemically synthesized a bacterial genome.” The team took a genome and put it in another bacterium, which altered the existing bacterium and therefore creating a “new” bacterium. Now they are creating the genome from digital code designed to assemble chromosome in yeast and then placed in the assigned bacterium. Using this technology, Synthetic Genomics Inc. is researching into renewable fuels and chemicals. NYTimes can explain more here.

"Craig Venter unveils "synthetic life"". TED. 9/5/10 .

Pollack, Andrew. "J. Craig Venter's Corporate Strategy: The Scientific Method". NY Times. 9/5/2010 .

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