Monday, September 6, 2010

Bionic Limbs

In our world today, we rely greatly on technology. We use computers every single day to check our emails and social sites, we use our cell phones to call and text others, we use cars as a transportation to get to places and we use computers to get information about anything. I think that our technology will only get more embedded in our lives and will become part of our selves litterally. In the video that I included shows a prototype of a bionic arm that looks just like a human hand, which is controlled by thought and provides sensory feedback created by DARPA. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA is responsible for developing new technologies for use by the military. Since the internet was originally was used for the military then later was used publicly, I don't see how this technology will be any different.

The fingers of the hand may have a bit slow response time in the movements because of the restrictions of our technology at the current level, but it will get more responsive, reliable, and popular as our technology continually grows. This is just the first step, in the near future we will have limbs that are bionic just like in the movie I,ROBOT where Will Smith has a arm that seems to be an advanced form of a bionic arm.

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