Monday, September 6, 2010

Ashley Murphy:

When people think about the future i think they see a lot of hope and possibilities and would have expected us to be able to do a lot more than we can now. With the future i would hope to see advancements in health technology, cures for diseases and such and making it available to everyone, not just the privileged. Technology improvements are always coming about but in the future i think we all expect to be able to use machines to do great things. Alternate forms of traveling as well are something i'd hope for, maybe causing less accidents/ fatalities.
All these things also lead into fears. What if we cured all diseases? What if we teleported and came out the other side with a leg sticking out of our side? Of course the big fear of computers and machines taking over us all. Another fear is that we will try to bring everything up to date, losing sight of natures beauty. We'd just make everything into a big Hong Kong or NYC.
The limitations of science I think are semi unlimited. People get paid to sit around and think of new ideas and possibilities and test them out. However we only have a certain amount of natural resources until they come up with a way to get around that. I think the possibilities of science are endless, as long as we as humans are able to think there will always be science.
Art with time is changing. We no longer pick up oils and pastels and create something on a canvas. Instead people sit in front of their laptop and desktops and use pixels to create art. They take a picture and alter it, not that it isn't creative but things are becoming less hands on.

While reading " The Paycheck" it made me think a lot about the future. In this short story people are able to use rockets and erase memories and create time scoops. I think our parents when they were younger would have thought we could do this by now. Reading this made me think of the opening scenes of the Matrix, especially the office scene where he's running from the police.
( It reminded me of how they both had no idea why they were being chased and also the police which had almost complete power over everything.

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