Monday, September 6, 2010

Living in Space is a Possibility

When i think about possibilities for the future the first thing that comes to my mind is space travel. Since the year 1969 when the first man walked on the moon we have been thinking of new and inovoative ways to travel and explore space. Many people may ask the questions will humans ever live in Space? The answer however is up in the air. Yes we do have the technology to build and create a world where humans can reside in space or even on another planet. NASA has made some plans to do just that if ever needed, but many argue why do it when we are so content here on earth. Also the cost of space travel is still extremely expensive. We are already in debt why spend more when we can hold off. The work it would take too to get people up there would be extraordinary.

There is however already something similar in the works that plans to be opened in 2012. A space hotel. Which means scientist dreams of getting humans to live in space are almost there. Not that they would stay for prolonged periods of time but still for some short amount of time average human beings would be living in space. This article explains what it would all be about. Although it will cost billions of dollars it might be worth it to see how humans living in space for a short period of time would work. Because you have this hotel being built there are so many more possibilities for people to live in space in the future.


  1. I heard about the whole space hotel thing before on a TV show. But the problem is as you stated that the cost is just too extreme. only billionaires like Bill Gates could afford it. Isn't like several million dollars for one night stay on a space hotel?

  2. I think it would be ridiculously cool to travel to space. It would definitely be extremely costly, but it is possible that with time and money it would become normal to travel to space. It might even become less expensive if they eventually follow through with the plans because so many people will be spending millions of dollars to create a society in space.