Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kitchens of the Future

I don’t know about you but, personally I love to cook and spend time in my kitchen. I also love new and exciting gadgets, now with the help of StumbleUpon, I have a wish list for kitchen gadgets I want.
The first items on my list come from The Top 25 Entries of Electrolux Design Lab 2010.

This is the Bio Robot Refrigerator by Yuriy Dmitriev.

How many times have you found yourself throwing away food because it got shoved in the back of the fridge and you forgot it was there? Well not anymore, with the Bio Robot Fridge all of your food is displayed right in front of your face eleminating the "back of the fridge"

"The Bio Robot fridge cools biopolymer gel through luminescence and uses non sticky, odorless gel to envelope stored food as individual pods. Sans doors and drawers, the fridge can be oriented vertical or horizontal, as per the home requirements."

I know I would love this because it would make my life so much easier (maybe even making the impossible, possible...) and food would never go bad by getting lost in the back of the fridge, saving you money, which is never a bad thing.

This is the Qumi Flexible Cooking Unit by Ilia Vostrov

This is a pretty cool concept for the kitchen, one dome that will cook virtually anything via your laptops or cell phones. This will eliminate kitchen clutter from having too many pots and pans and cookware. This also cuts down on the amount of dishes needing to be done.

"Qumi is a fold out universal kitchen set that can be used for heating, frying and steaming a wide variety of food types (including water based meals such as soup). Its supposed to be hung up on the induction charging hook, when not in use. The concept features no display or control panel, and all instructions are supposed to be processed via mobile devices in the network ready home of the future."

The last item on my list comes from Yanko Design and it's called the No More No Less Faucet. I know I hate trying to find a measuring cup every time I'm cooking, only to spend 5 minutes trying to get the perfect amount of water. With the N.M.N.L. faucet you get the perfect amount water every time without needed a measuring cup.

"Designer Jasper Hou is making that fantasy of cooking pleasure a reality with “No More No Less,” a quantitative tap with pre-control. N.M.N.L. does this with a simple countdown, knowing how much water comes out of the tap on full blast times the amount of time it comes out equals the amount you’ll get. Then there’s an LCD screen for control, temperature, and a 30 second on time.
The LCD screen is even powered by the water rushing below it. The 30 second meter turns the faucet off 30 seconds after the last use to make sure there’s no flooding and to assure low energy expenditure.The LCD screen is even powered by the water rushing below it. The 30 second meter turns the faucet off 30 seconds after the last use to make sure there’s no flooding and to assure low energy expenditure."

With all of these cool new gadgets cooking would be a breeze, not to mention a cool way to use new technologies. These items among many others are the new toys we hope to see in our kitchens of the future.


  1. Wow some of this stuff I cant even imagine being in my kitchen in the future. Its neat to see though how much technology has changed within the last 10 year... I mean you usually think of technology having to do with cell phones or TV's. but seeing how technology is even improving our kitchens will be an interesting thing to experience in coming years. Especially once we are all out of college and have to get our own place and start thinking about house hold appliances.

  2. How does that bubble cook things? Is it a convection oven or does it use like crazy future radioactive alien frequency waves?

  3. Of all three I think the kitchen is the coolest. The faucet seems like a no brainier, wondering why it hasn't been conceptualized until now.

  4. All of these kitchen appliances seem pretty cool. I don't know how I would feel about reaching into gel to get my food from the fridge. Does the gel affect the food if it is not covered?

  5. This is an awesome post. I used to be an industrial design major and this fits right up that alley. The fridge idea is genius. I can't tell you how many times I forget about food left in the back of the fridge. Once that faucet comes down in price or cheaper models become available I'm getting one for sure!

  6. Does the Bio Robot Fridge provide any other advantages other display food in the front? and how doe the gel stay on like that? Wouldn't it just fall out of place if you have it vertically standing up like that? Just curious..

  7. In response to Alex, Karly and Tentsi, I'm not really sure how these gadgets really work because right now they are just conceptual. The engineers might ask themselves those same questions to determine whether or not it would actually be a successful product.

  8. The fridge is awesome but it also freaks me out because you are putting your food in a gel. I'm guessing it won't harm the food since they are trying to make it possible but its still a little freaky.

  9. I am an awful cook and this technology I think could help people who don't have a clue in the kitchen. The Qumi would especially be useful. If people had an easier time cooking, they would probably be less likely to eat out, which is a good thing.

  10. The fridge with the gel is super weird

  11. Wouldn't the gel get all over your food?