Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Jet Pack

We have finally reached the age where personal flight can be achieved. This concept can no longer be deemed a superpower because it is in fact possible and will be available for commercial sale. A company called Martin Aircraft has undertaken the daunting challenge in making a production jet pack. This was not an easy task, they had to borrow millions upon millions from investors, and they are still short on development costs. This goes to show if you wanna make man fly like he wasn't designed to, you gotta pay big time. The good thing for every other company that tries to make this product is they know its achievable, and profitable. When the company first set out to make the product in 1998 their focus was on military and social service sectors. That said there have been talks with over 20 government agencies regarding these machines and their availability. Now this really has no relevance to me, however United States border patrols would be inclined to purchase these for their arsenal given our ongoing border issues with Mexico. Martin company claims they have already have orders to produce at least 500 of these carriers, and have recently announced plans on making commercial flyers, so Bill Gates can fly from one island to the next.

Realistically we won't be seeing these crafts hovering the streets anytime soon, however it's a start to something that will more than likely be a norm to see maybe twenty years from now. There is great hype about this jet pack because it has so much technology from cutting edge research and development. With R&D comes high costs but, as long as investors continue to pump money into this project, Martin Aircraft will continue to develop and hopefully for their sake eventually turn a profit. There is no denying the crafts capabilities. The video is great quality so you can really grasp the heap of a craft literally hovering over the ground. This jet pack is going to make segways archaic. For organizations such as the United States border patrol, and local law enforcement this may be a revolutionary vehicle that will help agents from discovering illegal smuggling across our borders, and chasing criminals through cities. Time will tell when this machine is going to have value in our lives but rest assured its on its way.





  1. Listen ... all I'm trying to say is that driving one of those things, drunk, would be crazy!

  2. This is insane. As a little kid i have always wanted a jet pack. Just like im sure everyone else in the world. This brings up a couple of serious questions however. If this technology fell into the wrong hands you could never really know what someone would do with thi type of technology.

  3. I agree with Colby, I have always wanted a jet pack. Also, I'm wondering what will happen if the U.S. Army gets a hold of this. Will it turn into a more protective and hostile invention?

  4. As cool as this is, it seems to be almost inefficient. You said it was profitable but if they are having a difficult time financing what is to say that people will want to buy them due to the extreme cost because of the debt that must be paid back. Also just looking at that model doesn't say jetpack to me because its so huge and bulky that it would almost be more convenient to own one of those flying cars.

  5. I think this would be really cool but I agree with Fletcher I think something like this wouldn't be a very popular item to purchase especially because of the cost. Would it be really worth it to buy a jet pack?? I can see using it for the military but I'm not sure that marketing it to the average consumer would be a smart thing to do.

  6. So many people would be killed misusing these.