Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A $15.00 Discovery

The article titled Galileo's Little Spyglass Helped Spark a Scientific Revolution, written on March 7 2009 is an interesting article explaining how Venus is at its most interesting perspective in the sky during that time. During that time with only a $15.00 telescope you could see that Venus has turned into a thin crescent moon. Discovers like this one were made by Galileo with the same type of telescope. With that telescope he unlocked 2 millennia of philospohy and helped to spark a scientific revolution. It is amazing to think that with such a cheap telescope and a brilliant mind that Galileo discovered so things with a limited amount of resources. Just think about the advantages that scientists have today. With all of the millions and millions of dollars in funding how could scientists not make amazing discovers? They have the equipment that Galileo only dreamed of. With new discovers being made all the time I wonder what will be discovered next?

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  1. To imagine that Galileo had such primitive technology compared to what we had today and still made that discovery is astounding. Was he really that brilliant, or was it fate that led him to that discovery. There is no doubt that he is a genius but It's hard to believe that no one in this day and age has come close to a discovery of his magnitude. Thats that crazy part about people and discoveries, you never know when they are going to shine.